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  • The Health Plan of Nevada Gambled With The Lives of Nevada Families.
  • The Health Plan of Nevada dropped Dr. Desai because of complaints about the quality of care and hired him back years later because he gave an extraordinarily low bid.
  • "We will prove that the Health Plan of Nevada knew what was going on at the clinics, they knew about the practices of the doctors and did nothing," Robert Eglet, attorney for the plaintiffs.
  • "The Health Plan of Nevada took billions in insurance premiums from Nevada families. The HMO is responsible for the doctors they require patients to use," said Robert Eglet
  • $15 billion in premiums were paid to the Health Plan of Nevada by Nevada families from 1997- 2007. The Health Plan of Nevada collected $1.8 billion from Clark County families in 2012.

Bunker Trial Facts:  Actual Testimony from the HMO Trial Las Vegas :
Below are some of the highlights from the actual HMO trial questions / answers by the attorneys and witness.  You will be able to review the exact courtroom questions and answers.  Only facts presented at this web site, enjoy.

Q. All right. So take the medical expenses for that year divided by 76 percent, multiply that by 5.5, and what does that number equal?
A. $73 million.
Q. $73 million?
A. 387,542.
Q. 542. And so if we add up the savings to Sierra for those three years, 2003, 2004, 2005 by having medical loss ratios of less than 82 percent, 76.1 percent, 75.3 percent, that is more than $210 million that went to Sierra Health instead of – $210,490,232 – it’s on your screen to you right there – that went to Sierra Health instead of to pay doctors for medical care; correct?
A. I can’t answer that yes or no.

Q. We will leave off the .26. So $210,490,232 could pay the salaries – average salaries of a primary care physician of 1,404 primary care physicians; right? According to the math; right?
A. According to the math, yes.
Q. Do you think an additional 1,404 – 1,404 additional primary care physicians in Nevada would improve healthcare here? Would improve access to healthcare here for our citizens?
A. I –
Q. It would, wouldn’t it?
A. I believe that it would, yes.




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